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The Lawfare Podcast Logo
The Lawfare Podcast is Lawfare’s marquee daily audio production. Members of the Lawfare team interview policymakers, scholars, journalists, analysts, and each other about anything and everything relating to national security law, policy, and current events. Produced in cooperation with the Brookings Institution.
Rational Security
Rational Security is a weekly roundtable podcast co-hosted by Quinta Jurecic, Scott R. Anderson, and Alan Z. Rozenshtein and featuring guests from across the Lawfare family and beyond. Every episode is a lively and irreverent discussion of news, ideas, foreign policy, and law—along with a heavy dose of pop (and not so pop) culture. There’s always terrible segues, lots of laughs, often a muppet, and sometimes even a cocktail or two.
Chatter Logo
Chatter is a weekly long-form conversation podcast hosted by Shane Harris of the Washington Post and David Priess of Lawfare, featuring in-depth discussions with fascinating people at the creative edges of national security. You’ll hear a refreshing mix of authors, national security figures with quirky stories, visual media creatives, technical experts, and new voices exploring areas from Hollywood to history, science to spy fiction.
The Aftermath
Lawfare Presents: The Aftermath is a narrative podcast series exploring the government’s response to the January 6, 2021 Capitol attack. From prosecutions to congressional hearings to policy reforms, it tells the story of the search for accountability after the insurrection.
  • The Aftermath: #StormTheCapitol

    Episode 3 of The Aftermath looks at how Trump and his supporters used social media to orchestrate Jan. 6—and how social media companies failed to stop them. 
  • The Aftermath: Lawyers for the Coup

    Episode 2 of The Aftermath looks at what happened to the lawyers behind the legal strategy to stop the electoral count on Jan. 6.
  • The Aftermath: Season 2 Is Here

    This season of our narrative podcast series picks up where the Jan. 6 committee leaves off, in the search for accountability after the insurrection.
#LiveFromUkraine features conversations with Ukrainian voices, hosted by Benjamin Wittes and taped live on Twitter Spaces before a live audience. Each guest is a Ukrainian who provides context or analysis of Ukrainian politics and culture that an English-speaking audience might be missing.
Lawfare Presents: ALLIES is a narrative podcast series that tells the 20-year story of how the U.S. failed its eyes and ears: Afghan translators, interpreters, and other local partners. 
On April 18, 2019, the Justice Department released the redacted Mueller Report to the public. The 448-page document details a story that has captured America’s attention. From Russian plots to interfere in our election to constitutional questions of executive power, the Mueller Report is potentially one of the most important and consequential documents of our time. But there’s a problem. Very few people have read it.
The Report tells the story of the Mueller Report through the voices of writers, experts, lawyers, and journalists.