eco camp


An organized camp is intended to stay at night to reside tourists. Its area is about 11 hectares, and considered as one of the projects in the project of the Izadshahr forest park plan. The number of campuses for this area is 51 units.

Eco camp


Project: Eco camp

client: Izadshahr Municipality
Status: Phase II design
Area: 50m2
Height difference: 31m
Maximum park length: 7500 meters
Maximum width of the park: 6750 meters meters
Minimum height above sea level: -20 meters
Maximum height above sea level: +15 meters
year: march 2021
location: iran

Native or ecological residence is a residential tourism facility that
The following is:
1. Protect the natural and cultural environment around;
2. Establish the lowest effect on the natural environment around the residence when making it;
3. Use of native architecture and special cultural and physical texture and coordinated with the form, landscape and color of the environment;
4. Use stable water supply systems and reducing water consumption;
5. Using methods for recycling dry waste and other types of waste without damaging the environment; Using sustainable energies in traditional methods and the use of new energies using modern means;
6. teamwork along with the use of local community;
7. Provide workshops and special training programs, tourists and owners of resorts about how to protect and provide natural and cultural environments around;
8. cooperation with research programs to plan local sustainable development.

project team


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