micro shelter


The self-sufficient micro shelter includes common spaces of a complete house in a smaller scale. Self-sufficiency is the state of not requiring any aid, support, or interaction for survival



Monocoque ,also structural skin, is a structural system where loads are supported through an object’s external skin, similar to an egg shell.

The term semi-monocoque refers to a stressed shell structure that is similar to a true monocoque, but which derives at least some of its strength from conventional reinforcement

Eclipsis shutter shade is made from stainless steel and a translucent polycarbonate panel filled with aerogel.

The shutter shade can slide along the north and south facades, providing protection from direct sunlight while simultaneously allowing for indirect, natural lighting, view to the exterior and privacy to those inside.

The home’s smart system gathers information from its rooftop weather station to automatically control the screen.


The building has a cylindrical shape. So all the rainwater that lands on the roof of the building is collected under the building to lower the center of mass.

Increase the temperature of water. Due to increase in temp it’s density will decrease and it will be converted into water vapor (water vapors are a form of water only) and will start moving up automatically. In this manner water will be at high level without pump

The project goal is to generate energy to meet building needs and use of the passive design principles and technological strategies.

 Atop the roof of the main building, integrated photovoltaic panels provide most of the building’s electricity needs.

Cylindrical shape of building, reduces the portion of surface to volume of the house. Therefore it can reduces the energy consumption and waste

All of the facilities places under the raised floor.

Building floor is not located right on the soil. So the moister and dust can’t enter the building.

A double skin façade employed to reduce the transferring and waste of energy


Aerodynamic shape of the building reduces the effects of the wind and storms on the building


Rectangular proportions to use more of sun energy and light in southern and northern walls


  • High Durability Materials
  • Low Maintenance Materials
  • Recyclable Materials
  • Low VOC Materials
  • Short Return Period Materials


  • Steel Structure
  • Using Polycarbonate & Glass to cover the building
  • No concrete and Masonry Materials
  • Nano materials like Aerogel










project team


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