coffee house


The first coffee house emerged in the fifteenth century in Safavid, and in the sixteenth century, they spread to the regions under the command of the Ottoman Empire. Coffee house became popular meeting places that people gathered to drink coffee, talking, playing games such as chess and backgammon, hearing stories and music, and talk about news and politics.

Culturally, coffee house are centers of social interactions. Coffee shops provide a place of gathering, talking, reading, writing, entertaining each other, and spending time. With the development of wifi cafes, they have also become Internet access locations.

coffee house



client: Izadshahr Municipality
Status: Phase II design
Area: 500m2
Height difference: 31m
Maximum park length: 7500 meters
Maximum width of the park: 6750 meters meters
Minimum height above sea level: -20 meters
Maximum height above sea level: +15 meters
year: march 2021
location: iran

project team


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