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Lawfare is a non-profit multimedia publication dedicated to “Hard National Security Choices.” We provide non-partisan, timely analysis of thorny legal and policy issues through our written, audio, and other content—all of which you can find here. We strive to achieve academic-level depth with magazine-level readability at the pace of news. We aim to improve the discourse on the law and policy of national security with a relentless focus on substantive issues that matter—in a fashion that is useful to policymakers and practitioners, but also accessible to anyone who wants to access it. Our areas of coverage range from national security law, threats to democracy, cybersecurity, executive powers, content moderation, domestic extremism, and foreign policy, among many others. 

Lawfare comprises an in-house team of editors and correspondents, as well as an array of regular contributors ranging from current and former government officials to journalists, practicing lawyers, academics, and other experts. If you’re interested in contributing, please visit our submissions page. We also offer a Student Contributor program that aims to foster the next generation of national security professionals.  

Lawfare also hosts a variety of podcasts offering different perspectives on national security, which you can find wherever you get your podcasts. In cooperation with Goat Rodeo, Lawfare produces The Lawfare Podcast, Rational Security, Chatter, Lawfare No Bull, and After Trump. Lawfare and Goat Rodeo also produce Lawfare Presents—an anthology of deep-dive narratives on the most important stories of the day, including The Aftermath, which looks at the government’s response to the Jan. 6 Capitol Attack. Past seasons of Lawfare Presents have covered the U.S. government’s promises to its Afghan partners (Allies), the Mueller Report (The Report), Trump's first impeachment (The Impeachment). 

In addition to new articles published every weekday, we offer several special series, including the Foreign Policy Essay, Book Reviews, the Digital Social Contract paper series, and more. We also publish, summarize, and curate primary source documents that speak to key issues in national security, such as those relating to Jan. 6 and the Mueller investigation.

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